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Our companys predecessor is founded in 1966, Shandong Jining Mould Tool Plant.At the beginning ofitsestablishment,it was only a small business lacated in a residential courtyard of Biandan Street in Nijing, to make plustic shoe moulds with hammers and chisels.

Our company, confirmed and assured as aqualified measurement company of Shandong Province,is a state-level high-tech industryand an certificated enterprise of ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System. The titles for our company are thestanding director ofChinaNDT institute,the member of National Standardization Committee on NDT equipment unit,and the member of Sub-committee onNondestructiveTestInstrument ofNationalTechnical committee. Other titles for our company arethe member unit of China Mold Industrial association,the standing director ofShandongMouldIndustrial association. Moveover, it is also thememberofChina Liaoning NDT institute,themember of China GuangDong NDT institute,themember of China ShenZhen NDT institute,andthe member of China GanSu NDT institute.

The company attaches importance to the research & develop of science and technology, and the transformation of technological research achievements. The project of “fully automated phased array ultrasonic flaw detection test block” obtained the support of National Science & Technology Ministry, and the Technology Innovation Fund project of National Finance Ministry. The project of “On site automatically detecting system by eddy-current, ultrasonic” was obtained the support as science and technology special major project by Jining municipal government. The projects of “NDT research & test” and etc. obtained the third prize of Science & Technology Progress by small and medium enterprises in Shandong Province,“Enterprise technology research and development center” established by Jining municipal government. Our company has won 58 patents in recent years, organized 39state and industry regulations.Itis awarded the honorary title of Shandong star enterprise ofChina patent, good patent star enterprise in Jinning, pilot enterprise of intellectual property, and the managing director member of Jining Invention Association.

Toform asceintific developmentway of combining produce, study and research together, our companysuccessivelyjoins hands with the univesities, includingNanchang Hangkong University,Shandong University,Beijing Institute Of Technology(Zhuhai),Shen Zhen PolytechnicandXi`an Polytechnic Universityand etc.They have jointlydeveloped new products andtrained high-end personnel. At the same time, various forms of cooperation have beenstrengthenedbetween our company and the scientificresearch institutes,including China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, East China Electric Power Test and Research Institute, China Academy of Railway Sciences, China Metallurgical Nondestructive Test Personnel Qualification and Certification Committee,etc.

Our company has widespreaded cooperation with international colleagues and received foreign vistors and friends coming fromBritain, Russia, India, Japan, Korea, etc. The test blocks we produce have been widely reconized by our customers because their technologies strenghth and processing level arefirst produced in the country andleadingin the world.We export our products to countries as far afield asAmerica, Canada, Russia, India, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, etc.

Our company’s products such as wheel moulds, auto body covering moulds, automotive parts forging moulds, cold stamping moulds, precision moulds for casting, various kinds of plastic product moulds, and large jigs are widely used in the field of machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, transportation, petrochemicalequipment, agricultural machinery, power, light textile industry, home appliances, electricpower, electronics,aviation, aerospace,national defense and all aspects of social life.

Non-destructive test blockshavebeen widely used. From launching theShenzhou spacecraftto the space to sending off Change to explore the mooninthe field of aerospace, and the home-grown jet from the regional jet ARJ21 to thelarge aircraft C919,fromthefighterjet ofJ-10 to J-11 in the field of aviation, our test blocks are all used. Therefore, it once was an certificated enterprice ofAviation MaintenanceCommittee on NDT equipment unitofEquipment Department of China PLA Air Force.

From thecean engineering platformsuch as theHong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the981 (HD-981) drilling rigandthe Jiaolongdetector to thepressure equipmentsuch asLNG transport vehicles,clean energyvehicles andthepower plant boilers, our test blocks are highly and really needed for improving their quality.

Phased-arraytest blocks were used in the4000-meteroil pipelineof theWest-East Gas Transmission project,which was started in 2002 in China. Later, they were used inthe West-East Gas Transmission Pipeline No.2and No3., Shuanglan Pipeline and India Gas Pipeline. Moreover, they were futher extended to the Off-seaGas Pipeline EngineeringProgram, such asChunxiao oil and gas projects,Wenchang pipeline projectand so on.

Our Company produced a quantity of teat blocks used insteel rails, whees andaxleswhen boosting the train speed for six times and all test blocks that are used in the hollow shaftof the high speed rails. Our corporation won theQuality Certificategiven by the locomotive systemof formerMinistry of Railwaysfor decades, and now is appointed by theMinistry of Railwaysthe only provider for its nonstructiveultrasonictest blocks.

Our company has a close relationship with the nuclear power industry. Not onlythepre-service inspectionand in-service inspection of Zhengjiang Tanshan, Haiyan, Guangdong Dayawan, Lingao, and Tianwan, but also the Ap1000,theHualong1, CAP1400 andTsinghuahigh temperature air cooling reactor used for the pre-service inspection in Liaoning Hong Yanhe, Shandong Haiyang, Shi Daowan, Zhejiang Fang Jiashan, Sanmen, Guangdong Taishan, Hainan Changjiang which are on construction, thenondetectiveflaw detection test blocksare all provided by us.

Further more, the nondetectiveflaw detection test blocks we produce are widely used in weapons, shipping, electric power, chemical industry,automobile,construction,waterconservancy,machinerymanufacturing and other industries. Our companyis the nondestructive test block designated manufacturer of electric power system, railway systems, nuclear power systems, natural gas and petroleum pipeline projects, Harbin Electrical Group, Dongfang Electrical Group, Shanghai Electrical Group.

Quality is the lifeline of the enterprises.Every working procedurehas been strictly testedthroughself inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection, final inspectionto conduct successive check.We should make sure that every product we make is a qualified product and qualified products bring good reputation, which is the only way for Dong Yue brand to build its fame at home and go with the fame to theworld.