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2018 Far East NDT new technology forum held

2020-08-25 10:16:00 段旭旭 132

On July 6, 2018, the 2018 Far East NDT new technology forum was held in beautiful Xiamen. Famous experts, scholars and instrument manufacturers from all over the world participated in the conference to discuss the latest technology and scientific research information in the field of nondestructive testing.

Wan Haitao, deputy general manager of our company, Meng fanbao, manager of marketing department, Qilu of marketing department and Wang Youkai attended the meeting. At the meeting, we exhibited some phased array test blocks and phased array simulation blocks in Nb / t47013.15, which simulated different plate plate and tube pipe welding forms, and could observe the scanning ability of the instrument intuitively, which was also attractive At the same time, we also exhibited a series of eddy current samples and various composite material test blocks made for various airlines. Composite test block is a new type of test block developed and produced by our company. There are many complicated problems in the production of composite test block. Here we sincerely invite experts from all over the world to discuss the production of composite material and the design of test block.

The grand holding of the 2018 Far East NDT new technology forum promoted the research and exchange of new NDT technologies, and played a great role in the promotion of new technologies and the display of new products of instrument and equipment enterprises. I also wish the Far East Forum better and better, and continue to contribute to the cause of nondestructive testing in China.


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