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Successful completion of ultrasonic testing reference block for X80 pipeline steel plate

2020-08-27 09:41:29 段旭旭 101

Recently, our company designed and manufactured the ultrasonic testing reference block of X80 pipeline steel plate for a large steel plant. The overall dimension is 6600 × 4700 × 22mm and the weight is 5.4 tons. The plate size is large and the number of defects is large. There are nearly 60 holes and grooves. The length of some strip grooves is nearly 2 meters, which is very difficult to process. Through the joint efforts of technical personnel and equipment transformation, the problem has been solved successfully under the premise of ensuring the processing accuracy, which has accumulated for our company to process such large-scale samples Valuable experience.

      X80 plate is mainly used for production of oil pipeline. The application and start of pipeline steel in China is relatively late. In the early 1990s, Baosteel and WISCO have successively developed X70 pipeline steel with high strength and high toughness, which has been successfully applied in Sebei Ningxia Lanzhou pipeline project. With the full spread of oil and gas pipeline project this year, X80 pipeline steel will be widely used.

Comparison block for ultrasonic testing of X80 pipeline steel plate (size6600×4700×22mm