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Our company successfully completed the long-distance oil and gas pipeline inspection reference block

2020-08-24 15:34:52 段旭旭 105

 Our company cooperated with PetroChina to develop the sample tube for magnetic flux leakage testing, which took more than 2 months to complete successfully. At present, China's long-distance oil and gas pipelines have been developing rapidly. The use of steel pipelines to transport oil and gas has become an important measure of China's energy development. It plays an important role in promoting the healthy development of the national economy and narrowing the gap between the western energy producing areas and the eastern developed regions. The oil and gas pipeline is developing towards the direction of large diameter, high pressure, high steel grade and long distance. Therefore, the quality and safe operation of oil and gas pipelines have been widely concerned, and the detection technology issues surrounding the safe operation of oil and gas pipelines have also attracted the attention of the government and enterprises.Shandong Ruixiang Mould CO.,LTD.| test block

Generally speaking, the long-distance buried oil and gas pipeline will be affected by the joint influence of internal and external environment in the process of operation. Due to the transmission medium, liquid accumulation, dirt, internal stress, coating damage, construction quality, fatigue failure and other reasons, it is easy to cause pipeline corrosion, deformation, cracking, etc., so it is necessary to conduct comprehensive inspection on the pipeline in service in time. The diameter of the sample tube is 1219mm, the length is 11m, and there are nearly 200 artificial scratches. A total of 10 butt welds are set up. There are more than 70 natural defects of different types and sizes in the weld. At the same time, a lot of defects simulating internal and external wall corrosion and external creation are set up. These defects are used for the calibration of high-definition pipeline magnetic flux leakage detector, which can be used in the in-service pipeline buried deep underground The corrosion of outer wall, external creation, weld and other problems play a very good detection effect. At the same time, in order to detect the length, width and height of our processing defects, the inspectors of our company successively used A-scan, X-ray, TOFD, visual inspection and other methods to test the sample tube one by one. According to the test, all the artificial scratches meet the requirements of customers, and the results are basically consistent with the test data of the third-party testing company.

       The magnetic flux leakage testing equipment can detect a variety of simulated defects with different depths, sizes and interfaces. Through the commissioning of pipeline magnetic flux leakage detection, it can effectively detect the metal loss, part of cracks and other defects on the pipeline, and point out the accurate location of the defects, so as to facilitate the risk assessment, maintenance and repair of the pipeline.

It is our duty and obligation to provide high quality products and accurate defect data. Only in this way can we provide reliable and powerful guarantee for the safe operation of pipelines.


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