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Railway semi axle physical test block

2020-08-22 14:28:59 98

According to the requirements of "railway freight car axle assembly, maintenance and management rules" and "railway passenger car axle assembly, maintenance and management rules", the inspection and acceptance level of in-service axle has been improved. The semi axle test block used in the earlier stage can not meet the requirements of the existing inspection regulations. The new semi axle test block requires that the wheel seat part (hub) be pressed and the axle head be installed As a manufacturer outside the railway system, we haven't contacted with them at all in terms of assembly. Therefore, our company has set up a research and development team of semi axle physical test block, in order to design the semi axle test block meeting the new requirements.

The project team immediately organized relevant personnel of Technology Department and quality control department to have extensive communication with technical personnel from Jinan west rolling stock depot of Jinan Railway Bureau, Harbin rolling stock depot of Harbin Railway Bureau, Jiayuguan depot of Lanzhou Railway Bureau, etc. at the same time, our company's technical personnel also consulted a large number of technical data. After many tests and data collection, we finally determined the whole set of processing Compared with the assembly scheme, the test results show that the semi axle test block after press fit fully meets the processing requirements of the test block, and the reflection data of defects before and after press fitting also meet the requirements of iron standard. In order to guide the production of semi axle physical test block in the later stage, the technical department sorted out the technical parameters and compiled the operation instruction. In order to guide the later inspection work, the quality control department sorted out the flaw detection methods of the axle, and compiled the axle flaw detection operation procedures. At present, the semi axle physical test block can be produced in batch, which can meet the needs of the inspection and repair of freight car axle and passenger car axle in railway system.

In order to facilitate the maintenance of the half axle test block and facilitate the movement of the half axle test block, our R & D team has customized a mobile trolley for the half axle test block, which is beautiful in appearance, practical and convenient.Seeking truth and innovation can lead the future. Only by adhering to the road of scientific and technological innovation and development, can we create a better future.