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Using high quality high speed rail wheel set physical calibration block to escort the safety of China's railway operation

2020-08-22 14:27:12 110

In recent years, with the rapid development of high-speed EMUs, high-speed rail has become the transportation mode most people choose.

The running speed of high-speed railway is as high as 350km / h. If axle cutting, wheel collapse and other accidents occur, catastrophic accidents will occur. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out regular inspection of wheel sets to ensure driving safety, and non-destructive testing is an important means to find potential dangers such as fatigue cracks in wheel sets maintenance.

The maintenance department of high-speed rail will regularly inspect the wheel set according to the running mileage of high-speed EMU. Without removing the brake disc, the wheel set is detected by ultrasonic automatic detection equipment. Before the automatic detection, the equipment needs to be calibrated and debugged. Therefore, the quality of calibration test block directly affects the detection performance of automatic detection equipment and the operation safety of high-speed railway. Relying on the craftsman spirit and enterprise concept of "blessing safety and Ruixiang loyalty", Ruixiang people have won the approval of railway system experts in line with the attitude of doing well in the work-related injury damage of each individual and doing well in each test block.

The high-speed rail wheel set physical calibration test block produced by the company is not only widely used in various domestic high-speed rail repair workshops, but also abroad to serve the German high-speed rail maintenance.