Our company participated in the national nondestructive testing standard Committee seven sessions of the four plenary meetings

2023-11-22 16:13:47


Wei Zhongrui, chairman of our company, and Ma Jianmin, deputy general manager, attended the fourth plenary meeting of the seventh session of the National Nondestructive Testing Standard Committee held in Wuhan from November 22 to 24, 2018. More than 80 members from various industries across the country participated in the annual meeting, and Jiang Jiansheng, deputy director of the nondestructive testing standard Committee, presided over the opening ceremony.

The meeting reviewed 5 standards for review; Documents such as the work summary in 2018, the work plan in 2019, the TC56 Charter and the National Measures for the Whole Life Cycle Management of Non-destructive Testing were reviewed and adopted. Conference keynote speech: Shen Gongtian, Chairman of the National Non-destructive testing Standardization Technical Committee, vice president of China Special Equipment Testing Research Institute from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the European Union, the United States and China's non-destructive testing standard system development status, compared with the analysis of the characteristics of each standard system, the overall development trend of domestic and foreign non-destructive standards;

Wang Bin, deputy Chairman of the Welding Test and Inspection Sub-technical Committee of the National Welding Standardization Technical Committee and assistant director of the Shanghai Institute of Materials, introduced the latest progress of non-destructive testing standards for welds at home and abroad;

Wang Juntao, member of the National Nondestructive Testing Standardization Technical Committee and director of the Testing and Damage Evaluation Center of the Aviation Industry Comprehensive Institute, introduced the standardization and development process in the military, national defense and aviation fields, analyzed the development trend of standardization military-civilian integration, military-civilian standard generalization engineering and standardization, and introduced the status quo of nondestructive testing standards in the military and aviation fields.

Mr. Ye Chen, Deputy Chief engineer of National Nuclear Power Plant Operation Service Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the system structure and operation characteristics of American nuclear power nondestructive testing standards, as well as the inspiration and suggestions for China's standard system.

Jiang Jiansheng, deputy chairman of the National Nondestructive Testing Standardization Technical Committee and director of the Nondestructive Testing Division of Shanghai Institute of Materials, introduced the specific situation of the Chinese delegation's participation in the ISO/TC 135 SC7 working conference in 2018, and analyzed the future revision direction of ISO 9712.