What is a fixture?

2023-11-20 14:06:03

Tooling is process equipment, which refers to the general name of various tools used in the manufacturing process. Including tools/fixtures/molds/measuring tools/checkers/auxiliary tools/fitters tools/station tools, etc. Tooling is its general abbreviation. Tooling is divided into special tooling/general tooling/standard tooling (similar to standard parts) fixtures, as the name suggests, are used to hold the workpiece (or guide the tool) device.

A device used to define the shape and size of a production object.

The tools used in machine manufacturing are basically used to cut metal materials, so the word "tool" is generally understood as a metal cutting tool.

Auxiliaries generally refer to tools used to connect tools and machine tools.

A general term for tools used in various fitters.

A device for storing production objects or tools in a workplace or warehouse.

An instrument used for inspection in the production of gage.

fixture The term fixture corresponds to fixture sometimes with fixture and sometimes with fixture.

General Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese electronics companies use this term.

The fixture belongs to the fixture, which includes the fixture and belongs to the subordinate relationship. Not only for welding, it is also useful in machining, and many times, it is needed when several parts need to be assembled and their positioning is accurate. The design of fixture should be closely connected to the product, because the fixture is specially designed for some products, to ensure that there is no interference in the production, accurate positioning, and convenient operation of the operator. Simply put, it is a tool for workpiece clamping.

Fixture is used to quickly tighten the workpiece during processing, so that the machine tool, tool, workpiece to maintain accurate relative position of the process device. In other words, Workholding fixture is an indispensable part of machining, in the machine tool technology to high-speed, efficient, precision, composite, intelligent, environmental protection direction driven by the development of fixture technology is moving towards high precision, efficient, module, combination, general, economic direction.

Fixture is also called fixture. In a broad sense, any process in the process, used to quickly, easily and safely install the workpiece device, can be called a fixture. For example, welding fixture, inspection fixture, assembly fixture, machine tool fixture, etc. Among them, the machine tool fixture is the most common, often referred to as the fixture.

JIG is a special equipment or tool used to grip or position the workpiece in machining to meet certain process requirements.

When machining the workpiece on the machine tool, in order to make the surface of the workpiece meet the technical requirements of the size, geometric shape and mutual position accuracy with other surfaces, the workpiece must be installed (positioning) and clamped (clamping) before processing.

The application of machine tool fixture is conducive to ensuring the machining accuracy of the workpiece and stable product quality; It is conducive to improving labor productivity and reducing costs; Help to improve the working conditions of workers and ensure safe production; It is conducive to expanding the process range of machine tools and realizing "one machine with multiple uses".

The fixture is usually composed of a positioning element (to determine the exact position of the workpiece in the fixture), a clamping device, a tool guide element (to determine the relative position of the tool and the workpiece or to guide the direction of the tool), a indexing device (so that the workpiece can complete several stations in one installation. There are two kinds of rotary indexing device and linear moving indexing device), connecting elements and clamping details (fixture base).