The integration of production and teaching

2023-11-20 14:20:26


On July 8, 2019, the unveiling ceremony of Shandong Ruixiang Mold Co., Ltd. and Xi 'an Polytechnic University Applied Physics Research Summer Social Practice Base was held. Chairman, General manager Wei Zhongrui, Xi 'an Polytechnic University School of Science vice dean Cheng Pengfei and other leaders attended the unveiling ceremony. After the ceremony, General Manager Wei accompanied Dean Cheng and other school leaders to visit the company's corporate culture exhibition hall, production workshop, laboratory, canteen and dormitory to learn about students' learning and living conditions during the internship.


Since the joint construction of Shandong Ruixiang Mold Co., Ltd. and Xi 'an Polytechnic University in 2015, Ruixiang mold leaders have attached great importance to the annual student internship, provided a warm reception for teachers and students, made detailed arrangements for the internship content, and invited industry experts to give special lectures during the period. During the internship, the students gained a lot, and the teachers and students expressed their heartfelt thanks to the internship arrangement of Ruixiang Mold!

In order to further deepen the co-construction of university and enterprise, according to the summer social practice work arrangement of university students, focus on the professional construction of the school's advantages and characteristics, in order to closely combine students' off-campus practice activities with professional learning, through communication and consultation, the two sides reached an agreement to establish the "Xi 'an Polytechnic University Applied Physics Major Research Summer Social Practice Base" in Shandong Ruixiang Mold Co., LTD. To promote the cultivation and development of students' professional ability.

Shandong Ruixiang Mould Co., LTD., as a "leading enterprise" in the non-destructive testing industry, can make some contributions to the development of the non-destructive testing industry and the national education cause.