Xugong servo motor shaft maintenance notes

2023-11-20 14:48:53

Recently, the branch factory to undertake a number of servo motor shaft maintenance work. The customer explained that this batch of motors are high-precision servo motors, originally imported from Germany, after long-term use, the middle shaft wear is very serious. Because the purchase of this batch of servo motor is expensive, in order to save costs and extend the service life of the motor, the customer decided to repair the servo motor shaft. In line with the customer's trust and understanding of the company's technical strength, we decided to let them solve this problem.

After the servo motor customer sent over, through the technical and production demonstration, two difficulties that must be solved were found. What material to repair first? How to fix it? Secondly, the shaft of the motor is always rotating relative to the motor housing, how to ensure that it is always maintained as a whole with the motor during processing? After the demonstration of the production technology and structural properties, the scheme of excluding the metal repair agent and the universal adhesive for the repair material is determined to use the welding method to repair. Then the new problem comes, because the servo motor has electronic chips inside, how to weld without affecting the chip inside has become a new problem that we need to overcome in front of us. After research, fitter monitor Zhong Jitao invented a welding ground does not affect the outer wall, but also can contact the shaft tips (due to technical confidentiality, no longer elaborated), successfully solved the problem of welding repair. The second is the problem of processing, first of all, the motor is irregular, it is not easy to install clamping fixed, the most important thing is that the motor shaft is rotating, the degree of freedom is relatively large, the conventional clamping method can not solve the problem of rotating shaft inside. Identify problems and solve them. Through technical analysis, a machining tool is designed technically. First of all, the motor is fixed to the tooling, the tooling is pressed on the bed surface, followed by the motor shaft is fixed to the tooling mechanism, processing to ensure that the shaft and the motor is a whole. Because the processing space is very small, Comrade Zhang Baohua, the monitor of the numerical control class, made some efforts on the choice of tools and the process of the tool path to ensure the accuracy of the processing of the rotating shaft products.

Servo motor shaft maintenance surface seems to be a simple processing of a shaft, in fact, if you do not carefully consider a variety of problems, which part of the problem is easy to cause the entire motor scrap. Fortunately, our team worked together, dared to think and do, and excellently completed the maintenance task, which won the respect and trust of customers for the company.

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