Nondestructive testing test block

2023-11-20 15:03:26

Nondestructive testing blocks are divided into two categories: standard test blocks and reference test blocks. Standard test block (or calibration test block) refers to a material block with a specified chemical composition, surface roughness, heat treatment and geometry, which can be used to evaluate and calibrate ultrasonic testing equipment; Reference block (or comparison block) refers to a test block with a similar chemical composition of the inspected part (workpiece) or material and contains a reference reflector of clear meaning. They are used to adjust the amplitude and/or time division of ultrasonic detection equipment to compare the detected discontinuous signal with the signal direction generated by a known reflector.

Reference reflector: including flat bottom hole, cross hole, notch, etc.

The ground of the flat hole is parallel to the detection surface, the cylindrical surface of the transverse hole is parallel to the detection surface, and the common notches are V-shaped notches, rectangular notches and U-shaped notches

Materials: Steel used to manufacture standard test blocks should be selected as high-quality carbon mechanism steel (such as: No. 20 steel or No. 45 steel) melted by electric furnace or open furnace, the chemical composition should meet the requirements of GB/T699-1999, grain size (7 ~ 8).

The steel used for standard test blocks should be normalized after forging and pressing, so that the material is uniform and there is no acoustic anisotropy.

The materials used with reference blocks shall be materials of the same or similar material or chemical composition, and the acoustic characteristics shall be the same or close to the workpiece or material being tested.

Factory inspection: Ruixiang mold factory each test block are factory inspection, and issued inspection report and certificate. The production quality inspection system meets the requirements of GB/T19001 (ISO9001) quality system. Customers can purchase test reports issued by municipal metrology and provincial metrology institutes according to their needs.

Inspection report items include: chemical composition, grain size, sound velocity, shape size, reference reflector size, surface roughness, etc.

Packing: Put the test block into a hard packing box after anti-rust treatment.

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

CSK-IA test block (including support) NB/T47013-2015 Standard test block for non-destructive testing of pressure equipment Blind area test block for radial testing of bolt billet

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

TOFD comparison block NB/T47013-2015 nondestructive testing standard block for pressure equipment

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

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