Analysis of nondestructive testing status in China

2023-11-21 08:30:24

Non-destructive testing industry has a history of several decades in our country, with the development of social economy, it is already involved in every aspect of people's lives. Some experts have said that domestic non-destructive testing equipment can be roughly divided into 26 categories, and specific product models and varieties are more than 1,000 kinds. In general, it has covered most areas of the current domestic non-destructive testing technology application, especially the conventional non-destructive testing equipment, equipment, accessories, consumables, etc., basically reached the cheap and good quality and can meet the general testing needs, and there are many domestic NDT products exported to countries and regions outside the mainland.

For example, portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector and analog ultrasonic flaw detector, digital ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic testing standard test block, ultrasonic probe, X ray flaw detector, various X-ray testing auxiliary equipment, portable eddy current testing equipment, large-scale eddy current testing automation system, etc.

[1] Ultrasonic testing equipment: Digital and analog universal portable ultrasonic flaw detector, large automatic ultrasonic flaw detection system (pipe, bar, plate, welded pipe, etc.), a variety of special testing equipment (such as ductile iron nodulation rate meter, bolt tightening force detector, sound velocity meter, ceramic insulator ultrasonic detector, etc.), A variety of general and special ultrasonic probe ultrasonic thickness gauge (thickness measurement accuracy up to 0.001mm, there are thickness gauges with thickness measurement function through the coating), TOFD ultrasonic flaw detector, phased array ultrasonic flaw detector, etc.

There are more than 30 domestic ultra Ji flaw detection manufacturers, which can manufacture TOFD_ phase-controlled land analog by recruiting 5 to industry ultra JI probe manufacturers, more than 50 and have been able to manufacture TOFD, phased array probe and composite piezoelectric material probe professional manufacturers. There are more than 165 manufacturers of ultrasonic testing related equipment. In addition, the pipeline magnetostrictive guided wave detection system, bridge cable magnetostrictive guided wave detection system, and air coupled ultrasonic detection system have also been published in 2011.

[2] Magnetic particle testing equipment and materials: General portable (AC/DC type, battery type, battery type with inverter), mobile, bed magnetic particle flaw detection machine (using a variety of types of magnetization current, the maximum circumferential magnetization current has reached 35,000 amps), a variety of special magnetic particle detection equipment, large semi-automated and automated magnetic particle detection system, pulse magnetization equipment, demagnetization machine, Auxiliary instruments (such as magnetic field measuring instruments, demagnetization meters, etc.), consumables (magnetic powder, magnetic paste, concentrated magnetic suspension, high flash point carrier fluid, etc.). The application of rotating magnetic field, composite magnetization, fluorescent magnetic particle detection methods have become more popular, automatic crawling devices for magnetic particle detection, automatic fluorescent magnetic particle detection system using CCD camera recording, etc., have been marketed, and there are more than 129 manufacturers of related magnetic particle detection equipment and materials.

[3] Penetration testing equipment and materials: Adapt to different sensitivity level requirements (general industrial grade to nuclear industrial grade and special materials) coloring penetration, fluorescent penetration, coloring fluorescent penetration materials, portable equipment (such as spray tank type), large automatic penetration line system, various auxiliary equipment (such as electrostatic spraying equipment, fluorescent osmotic liquid special sewage treatment equipment, etc.). There are more than 36 manufacturers related to penetration testing equipment.

[4] X-ray testing equipment: X-ray, V-ray, B-ray, neutron ray, high-energy X-ray (such as electron linear accelerator), X-ray tube (directional, circumferential, glass tube, corrugated ceramic tube, cermet tube), universal portable, mobile, large fixed X-ray testing equipment, frequency conversion, constant frequency, constant potential X-ray machine, Auxiliary equipment (such as semi-automatic and automatic film developing machine, dry film machine, viewing lamp 1 - including the latest LED type viewing lamp, black and white density meter, image quality meter in line with various domestic and foreign standards, industrial X-ray film scanner, X-ray dose monitoring instrument, industrial X-ray film, cassette, type, magnetic steel, film developing rack, film developing tank, etc.), Various radiation protection equipment and devices, various radioactive isotope sources (such as 192Ir, 60Co, 75Se, 137Cs, 137Yb, 170Tm, 153Gd and 252Cf neutron sources, etc.). There are more than 240 manufacturers of related X-ray testing equipment and auxiliary equipment.

[5] Eddy current testing equipment: Universal portable digital cavitation eddy current flaw detector, pulse eddy current testing system, array eddy current testing system, large-scale automatic eddy current testing system, various special eddy current testing instruments and equipment, supporting various eddy current transducers, coating thickness gauge, supporting auxiliary equipment, Material sorter, conductivity meter, hardness sorter, metal detector, steel rope tension tester, wire rope detector, etc. There are more than 47 manufacturers of eddy current testing (electro-magnetic testing).

[6] Magnetic flux leakage testing equipment: general, special and large automatic magnetic flux leakage testing system

[7] Endoscopes: optical endoscopes, fiber optic endoscopes, video endoscopes (electronic endoscopes).

[8] Optical measuring instruments: white light illuminometer, black light illuminometer, ultraviolet intensity meter, fluorescence luminance meter, etc.

[9] Acoustic emission detection equipment: portable and large-scale multi-channel acoustic emission detection systems.

[10] Leak detection equipment: electric spark leak detector, intelligent sound pulse rapid leak detector, pipeline leak detection locator, organic inert fluorescence tracer leak detector products, penetration leak detector, underground pipeline leak detector, underground cable leak detector, pipeline locator, gas pipeline leak detector, wet coating leak detector, etc.

[11] Hardness tester: Leeb hardness tester, ultrasonic hardness tester.

[12] Electromagnetic ultrasonic flaw detection equipment: electromagnetic ultrasonic detection system, automatic electromagnetic ultrasonic flaw detection system, electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge.

[13] Real-time X-ray imaging and industrial CT equipment: image intensifier type, DR Type general equipment, special equipment, resolution test card.

[14] Laser testing equipment: portable laser electronic speckle tester, large-scale automatic tire non-destructive testing system using laser digital speckle detection technology, laser material thickness online measuring instrument, online laser caliper, laser digital detector, laser ultrasonic testing system, holographic photographic film and dry plate, etc.

[15] Potentiometric crack depth measuring instrument.

[16] Infrared detection equipment: infrared thermometer, infrared endoscope, infrared thermal imager.

[17] A variety of series of standard test blocks, sensitivity test blocks and test pieces, universal pair comparison blocks, special pair comparison blocks used with various non-destructive testing methods, As well as Shandong Ruixiang Mold Co., LTD. (Shandong Jining Mold Factory) specialized production of a series of commercial weld natural defect specimens can meet the testing method test and non-destructive testing personnel technical qualification training and assessment application needs.

[18] A variety of special mechanical AIDS and systems for non-destructive testing applications: mechanical devices for semi-automated and automated flaw detection systems, pipe crawlers for X-ray inspection, test block cutters, commercial X-ray machine fixing fixtures and supports, lift trucks, etc.

[19] Ultraviolet lamps (portable, pocket, large-area irradiation type) and black light sources (in addition to conventional high-pressure mercury lamps and lamps, there are also LED ultraviolet sources) with fluorescent magnetic powder and fluorescent penetration detection.

[20] Testing equipment for rock, concrete, pile foundation, concrete bar tester, digital rebound tester, steel bar position tester, floor thickness tester, wave velocity logger, etc.

[21] Microwave detection system, terahertz wave detection system.

[22] Thermoelectric metal material sorter.

[231 Magnetic stress meter.

[24] X-ray stress tester, X-ray diffractometer.

[25] Metal magnetic memory technology: intelligent magnetic memory metal detector, stress concentration magnetic detector, crack magnetic indicator.

[26] Others: such as surface roughness meter, vibration meter, residual stress tester, ultrasonic concentration meter, ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic level meter, ceramic mud moisture velocity tester and so on.