Congratulations on the 2022 Hunan Province Industry Vocational Skills Competition held in Changsha

2023-11-23 09:32:47

On December 15, the "2022 Hunan Province Industry Vocational Skills Competition · Provincial Non-destructive Testing personnel Ultrasonic Testing Vocational Skills Competition" was held in Broad City, Changsha. This competition is sponsored by the Hunan Market Supervision Administration, Hunan Special Equipment Association, more than 100 testing units from the province, more than 200 testing personnel gathered together to participate in this competition.

The test blocks for pipe welding used in this competition are provided by our company. The design of test blocks covers all kinds of natural welding defects such as pores, cracks, slag inclusion, non-fusion and non-penetration. The accuracy and precision of the defect design are related to the fairness of the competition. The test blocks processed and produced by us are tested by ultrasonic detection, magnetic particle detection, radiography and other methods to ensure the accuracy of the design defects, so as to ensure the correct judgment of the competition.

In recent years, various provinces have held a series of competitions in various industries in order to promote the spirit of artisans and encourage efforts to compete first. Our company fully supports the work of the events, and the non-destructive testing test blocks produced have become the official designated test blocks for the national non-destructive testing skills competition of the national engineering construction system, the national college students, China CRRC, civil nuclear power, railway, etc., which fully reflects the recognition of our industry colleagues. We will continue to improve product quality and continue to provide higher standards and more stringent test blocks for the industry.

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

We sincerely invite colleagues in the industry to cooperate and work together to promote the development of non-destructive testing and strive for brilliance!