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2023-11-29 14:54:41

Ruixiang brand test block | mouldRuixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

On March 8, a delegation from CGN Testing Technology Co., Ltd. came to our company to discuss and exchange, and presented a grand flag to express their gratitude. On the eve of last year's New Year's Eve, CGN a project due to the urgent need to process a piece of examination block, our company learned immediately after the organization of production, during the New Year's Eve, the Spring Festival overtime, in the New Year's Day at 6 o 'clock successfully completed, overnight arrangements for special vehicles to attack more than two thousand kilometers, in the New Year's Day two to the Guangdong Yangjiang nuclear power plant, to ensure the smooth progress of the project. CGN highly appreciates this and expresses its sincere gratitude!

The mountain is far away, and the snow also meets. We have known CGN testing company for more than 15 years, 15 years in the same boat, 15 years to support each other, are friends, but also relatives. We also continue to uphold the "let customers become friends" business philosophy, give full play to the strengths, wholeheartedly serve all walks of life!