Provincial staff talent show - Zhang Wei: See the truth in the tiny hole

2023-12-04 10:42:47

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In December 2004, Zhang Weiwei entered Shandong Ruixiang Mold Co., LTD., engaged in mechanical fitter work, mainly responsible for drilling processing, became a drilling craftsman.

Zhang Weiwei once thought that "Smith" was just a synonym for traditional craftsmen "blacksmith", "stonemason" and "carpenter". With the experience in the work, she has a deeper understanding of the word "craftsman" : "craftsman" is not only a master in the enterprise, but also a master of technology, "craftsman spirit" is not only a professional spirit, but also the cultivation of "craftsmanship".

Today, she has practiced the skill of drilling holes in raw eggs, breaking the skin but not breaking the membrane, and the egg white does not overflow. Her drilling technology has broken through the limits of the industry and filled the gap in the processing technology of small flat bottom holes in China, and is praised by the industry as the "female diamond" that will embroider on eggs.

She is Zhang Weiwei, deputy director of machine workshop of Shandong Ruixiang Mould Co., LTD.

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

"If you do simple things repeatedly, you become an expert. If you do repetitive things carefully, you become a winner." This is Zhang Wei's motto in life.

Fitter skills training is monotonous and boring, holding the drill machine handle repeated the same action every day, the palm grinding out blood blisters is also a regular thing, want to operate skills to be stable, accurate the extreme, but also need day after day, year after year of training.

Once Zhang Weiwei also had a time of frustration, but also had the idea of giving up, but one thing has changed her idea, more firm her dedication to drilling technology.

In August 2009, the technical staff of China Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd. came to Shandong Ruixiang Mold Co., LTD., hoping that they could process a physical comparison block, and make 3 holes with a diameter of 0.5 mm and a depth of 20 mm on a physical sample of the equipment. Because the previous test blocks were imported from abroad, the company has not yet processed a successful case of 0.5 mm diameter.

After receiving the production task, the company gave the task of microhole processing to Zhang Weiwei, who was just an ordinary employee at that time. She was secretly determined to succeed.

"Because the diameter of the hole is too small, can not use automated equipment to drill, can only be processed by manual through ordinary equipment, the diameter of only 0.5 mm drill, it is easy to break, each depth of feed can not exceed 0.01 mm, which all rely on the hand to feel the operation, some of the outside vibration, hand feed instability may break the drill, Irreparable consequences to the product." Zhang Weiwei had to start from scratch and delve into new drilling techniques.

In order to find the feel, she began to drill holes in the egg shell, which needs to be broken, but the inner membrane is still intact. After hundreds of experiments, finally after several hours of careful processing, the physical test block was finally completed, and the customer was delivered with satisfactory products.

As the leader of Jining Zhang Weiwei Skill Master Studio and Zhang Weiwei Model Worker Innovation Studio, she participated in 975 equipment and process improvements based on the studio, obtained 2 national utility model patents, 1 invention patent is under review, published 4 professional papers, and created more than 30 million yuan for the company.

She studied the drilling technology assiduously, and successively drilled a φ0.4*35mm deep flat bottom hole on a material with a Rockwell hardness of 60 degrees, manually drilled a φ1*195mm deep flat bottom hole on a high-speed rail axle material, and processed a φ0.2*18mm deep tiny flat bottom hole on a stainless steel material. It has also made breakthroughs in the processing of tiny flat bottom holes φ0.05mm thinner than a human hair.

Through the improvement of processing technology capabilities, greatly enriched the company's processed products, the company has become the industry's leading non-destructive testing test block processing enterprises.

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

"As a craftsman, we should not only carry forward the craftsman spirit and defend the craftsman spirit, but also pass on this craftsman spirit." Zhang Weiwei has opened more than 40 "craftsman lectures". Through the guidance of her mentor, one of her 13 apprentices obtained the title of senior technician and two obtained the title of technician.

This year, Zhang Weiwei was awarded the "Shandong May Day Labor Medal" by the provincial Federation of Trade unions. Since 2018, Zhang Weiwei has won honors such as "Shandong Female Workers' Contribution Model", "Shandong National Defense Machinery and Electronics Union", "Jining Artisan" and "Jining May 1st Labor Medal". In 2019, she won the first prize in the "Canal Star" fitter Competition in Jining City. In 2021, he won the first place in the fitter group of the 7th Vocational Skills Competition of Shandong Province.

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould