Good news! Our city Zhang Wei won the title of "Qilu women's craftsman"!

2023-12-04 10:44:22

Good news! Good news! Good news!

On the night of June 22nd

"Qilu Women Craftsmen" launch ceremony

Hold a grand ceremony

Zhang Weiwei from Jining received the commendation on the spot

Selected as the first "Qilu Women's Craftsman"

And awarded the provincial "women's contribution model" honorary title

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Zhang Weiwei, female, a member of the Communist Party of China, senior technician, born in April 1985, is currently the director of the artisan workshop of Shandong Ruixiang Mold Co., LTD., and the leader of Jining Zhang Weiwei Skill Master Studio and Zhang Weiwei Model Innovation Studio.

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Technological innovation and continuous improvement

Zhang Weiwei takes technological innovation as the guide, faces the market, constantly researches and develops new technologies, and leads the team to carry out a series of technological innovation work. The comrade based on their jobs assiduously study technology, after years of hard work she has achieved in the Rockwell hardness of 60 degrees drilled out φ0.4*35mm deep flat bottom hole, in the high-speed rail axle material manually drilled out φ1*195mm deep flat bottom hole, in the stainless steel material processed φ0.2*18mm deep tiny flat bottom hole, It has also made breakthroughs in the processing of tiny flat bottom holes φ0.03mm thinner than a human hair. You can drill holes in raw eggs, the egg skin is broken but the membrane is not broken, the egg white is not overflowing. Her drilling technology has broken through the limits of the industry and filled the gap in domestic micro-flat hole processing technology, and is praised by the industry as the "female diamond" that will embroider on eggs. Relying on the studio, she participated in 102 improvements in equipment and 873 improvements in technology. Obtained 2 national utility model patents, 1 invention patent is under review, published 4 professional papers, the cumulative effect of more than 30 million yuan. Through the improvement of processing technology capabilities, greatly enriched the company's processed products, the company has become the industry's leading non-destructive testing test block processing enterprises. In 2019, she won the first prize in the fitter competition of "Canal Star" staff group in Jining City. In 2021, he participated in the seventh Vocational Skills Competition of Shandong Province and won the first place in the fitter group of Jining Competition Area.

Ruixiang brand test block | mould

Pay attention to talent development and inheritance

In their own achievements at the same time, pay attention to the company's talent echelon construction, through the mentor, 13 apprentices, 1 people won the senior technician, 2 people won the title of technician, one of the apprentices for two consecutive years to participate in the municipal first-class competition won the first place. Another apprentice won the honorary title of first place and skill champion in the fourth "Canal Star" competition in Jining City. She has worked hard to inherit the spirit of artisans, opened the "craftsman lecture hall", and carried out more than 40 activities. She has constantly interpreted the spirit of dedicated model workers, labor spirit, and craftsman spirit with her own actions, and inspired more employees around her to work together to help enterprises move forward on the road of high-quality development. He has won the Shandong Province "May 1st Labor Medal", Shandong Province "female workers to make contributions to the pacesetter", Shandong Province defense Electronics Union "industry artisan", "Jining artisan", Jining city "industrial skills top talent", Jining City "May 1st Labor Medal" and other honorary titles.

A focus, tempered out of the accumulation of time

A stick, figure out the temperature of feelings

A woman's ingenuity builds dreams

Let's give Zhang Wei a thumbs up!

Praise for the women craftsmen!

Learn from them and salute them!