Our company successfully completed long-distance oil and gas pipeline inspection and comparison block

2023-11-20 14:01:32

 Our company cooperated with China National Petroleum Corporation Limited to develop the sample tube for magnetic leakage detection, which lasted more than 2 months and successfully completed. Nowadays, China's long distance oil and gas pipelines have been developing rapidly, and the use of steel pipelines to transport oil and gas has become an important measure for China's energy development, which plays an important role in promoting the healthy development of national economy and narrowing the gap between western energy sources and eastern developed areas. The oil and gas pipelines are developing towards large caliber, high pressure, high steel grade and long distance. Therefore, the quality and safe operation of oil and gas pipelines have been widely concerned, and the testing technology around the safe operation of oil and gas pipelines has also attracted great attention from the government and enterprises.



Generally speaking, long-haul buried oil and gas pipelines will be jointly affected by internal and external environment during operation. Corrosion, deformation and cracking of pipelines are easily caused by transportation media, liquid accumulation in pipes, dirt, internal stress of pipelines, coating damage, construction quality, fatigue failure and other reasons, so comprehensive testing of in-service pipelines should be carried out in a timely manner. The sample tube has a diameter of 1219mm, a length of 11m, nearly 200 artificial cuts, a total of 10 butt welds, and nearly 70 natural defects of different types and sizes are set up in the weld, and many defects simulating inner and outer wall corrosion and external trauma are also set up. These defects are used for the calibration of high definition pipeline magnetic leakage detector. It can have a good detection effect on the corrosion, external wound, weld and other problems of the inner and outer walls of the pipeline buried deep underground. At the same time, in order to detect the length, width and high geometric dimensions of our processing defects, our company's inspection personnel have successively used A-ultrasound, X-ray, TOFD, visual and other methods to detect the sample tube one by one. After testing, the processed artificial scratches are in line with customer requirements, and this result is basically consistent with the detection data of third-party testing companies.

The magnetic flux leakage testing equipment can detect a variety of simulated defects of different depths, different sizes and different interfaces. Through the magnetic flux leakage testing of the operation pipeline, the metal loss, partial cracks and other defects existing on the pipeline can be effectively detected, and the precise location of the defects can be pointed out to facilitate the risk assessment, maintenance and repair of the pipeline.

It is the responsibility and obligation of our company to provide excellent quality products and accurate defect data. Only in this way can we provide reliable and powerful guarantee for the safe operation of the pipeline.